Photo Pose

Basis Tips For Posing For Female Models

Modelling is an art in itself. You have to know yourself, your body well enough to know what kind of pose would look particularly fantastic on you. But for this, you have to test a lot of poses by yourself to zero down to those which makes you look just fab. So here are a few essential posing tips for beginners out there – try them out:

Over the shoulder:
Posing in this manner will bring out your best features all at once – your jawline, neck and most importantly, your eyes. Look straight into the camera with confidence, and you have successfully nailed the easiest and best pose right there.

The power pose:
This pose spells out badass right away – all you have to do is stand with your feet apart with your hands on your waist. You could even cross your hands across your midsection. Crouch your shoulders towards the inside – enough only to highlight your collar bones. You don’t need to keep your feet apart in a line, let them be asymmetrical – it gives a different dimension to the photograph.

The S curve:
This pose is best for those looking to either look tall or flatten the curves of their body. All this pose demands is to place most of your weight in your back foot with your left foot crossed slightly in the front. Either look coyly towards the camera or look down, with your hand on your chin or brushing through your hair or look straight into the camera – either way works best with this pose.

The lean forward pose:

This comes under the sitting category – all you have to do is sit on the chair leaning forward. Keep your knees together and your ankles apart. After this, you have the freedom to put on display whatever mood or emotion suits the shoot best.

The lean back pose:
Why should all the poses be coy and shy, when you can have some bold and brazen poses too? The lean back pose is one such pose which is clearly sexy and making you look super attractive. Sprawl across the chair or the bed – and there you go! You could even use the chair as a prop to hoist up one leg and throw back your head and hair to give a messy but beautiful pose.